Monday, May 15, 2006

Links to Rants about NSA Phone scandal

Two related, but unrelated links today. Both mention the "phone scandal."

“We Have To Do Something” puts the issue into context with the movie United 93.
Last week made it clear yet again that some of us are still gaping mindlessly at what they refuse to believe while others—and thank God our Commander-in-Chief is among them—have found the courage to understand: We have to do something.

The other post, Mark Steyn says To connect the dots, you have to see the dots. The London bombing report (PDF) came out accusessess the British Government of not connecting the dots to see the bombing coming. Same thing as the 9-11 Commission report. Yet, people are throwing a fit about the government trying to connect dots of unimaginable scale on a random messy page. This is not preschool. There is complexity here and that requires access and resources. I'm as agovernmentment, pro-privacy as anyone I know, yet I realize that some things have to be done. I hope you do too.

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Jason Augustus Moore said...

You have eluded to your libertarian views in private conversation and your blogs are saturated with variations of the afore mentioned erronous idealogy. I hereby invite you to a dialogue regarding the works of Thomas Hobbes and John Locke, specifically, their' views on the nature of man and the social contract. I do not pretend to be as well written or as elequent as you, but I am going to wear you down until you go into a fetal position and beg me to cease my seemingly endless assault on your misguided, though well-meaning, libertarianism! :) The gauntlet has been thrown down my friend, pick it up if you dare!